How We Buy Halon

At Serviced Fire Equipment, we specialize in acquiring Halon and related fire suppression agents with a process that emphasizes fairness, accuracy, and efficiency. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of businesses and organizations looking to sell Halon and similar agents, ensuring a smooth, transparent, and beneficial transaction for all parties involved.

Refurbished Fire Extinguishers

Comprehensive Buying Range

We purchase a wide array of fire suppression agents, including:
• Halon 1301
• Halon 1211
• HFC-227ea (FM-200)
• FE-36
• Halotron
• Novec 1230
These agents are crucial in various fire suppression systems, and their proper recycling or repurposing is vital for environmental protection.

Logistics and Support

Transportation Arrangements

We take care of all transportation logistics and covering the costs for the safe and secure shipment of the fire suppression agents from your location to ours.

Weight Confirmation

Within 24 hours of receipt, we confirm the weights of the received agents, ensuring a transparent and swift transaction process.

System Removal Assistance

Understanding that the removal of these systems can be complex, we offer assistance through our extensive network of suppression system dealers. This service is aimed at making the removal process as hassle-free as possible.

Shipping Support

We provide necessary shipping caps or crates for safe shipping, offer expertise in shipment preparation, and handle all shipping documents. Our goal is to make the shipping process seamless and secure.

Fire Boy Boat Systems

Fair and Accurate Pricing

At Serviced Fire Equipment, we believe in offering fair market value for the fire suppression agents we purchase. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, reflecting the current market trends and the quality of the agent.

Accurate Weigh-in and Prompt Payment

Our state-of-the-art weighing facilities ensure that every pound of Halon or other agents is accurately measured. We guarantee prompt payment following the confirmation of weights, offering peace of mind and financial assurance to our sellers.

Compliance and Safety

Industry Compliance

Serviced Fire Equipment strictly adheres to industry standards and regulations, including the HRC Voluntary Code of Practice for Halon Recyclers and the US EPA’s Guidance Document for Handling Halons.

Certification and Insurance

Our operations are fully insured, and our technicians are NICET-certified. We are a registered HAZMAT shipper and transporter, ensuring that all activities are conducted safely and in compliance with legal requirements.

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Interested in selling Halon

Interested in selling Halon or other fire suppression agents? Contact Serviced Fire Equipment today to start the process. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions and guide you through each step.